My Daddy’s Records #3 “Scar Tissue” Californication


I told you I was going to scroll through the entire vinyl collection, right?

Now this is not a “classic” from a chronological sense of the word; it did have a fairly recent release (1999). But from where this album stands in comparison to other rock/pop/funk rock albums, this is one of the Mount Rushmore staples. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are the grand fathers, the mold for every funk/ska/garage band post the whole late 70’s- late 80’s hair/Glam rock bands from an esthetic and sound perspective. Plus, Rick Rubin, one of the architects of Def Jam, had a hand in crafting this masterpiece.

I view this album the same way I view A Tribe called Quest’s Midnight Marauders. Despite all of the success the groups had before this album, despite the memorable singles that preceded this body of work, this one appeared to be the offering where they finally mastered their sound— the Pièce de résistance.

I love the title track, Californication, but Scar Tissue highlights what Anthony Kiedis, the lead singer, really created; probably the first rock front man that spit the traditional vocals but he also rapped his lyrics.

Ezra is my rock-head, but the rest of the fellas have their favorites as well. This is Ezra’s favorite RHCP joint. When you hear that guitar in the beginning you cant tell me that you don’t want to jump off into the crowd and go crowd-surfing:

(Click album cover to hear single)


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